With almost 37 years of experience in the private sector aviation and transportation industries, Christopher Hinn most recently held the federal positions of Senior Middle East Advisor in the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Deputy Assistant Administrator International Programs for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), a component of DHS.

Christopher held the position of Senior Advisor, Middle Eastern Affairs to DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff and Ambassador Cresencio Arcos, the former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs, DHS. In this capacity, he was the primary DHS point-of-contact for all Middle Eastern countries. He assisted in the development of exchange of letters between the TSA and the Assistant Secretary of State for Diplomatic Security, Department of State (DOS) and administered the agreements that were part of the exchange. He also functioned as an intelligence specialist with Charles Allen, Assistant Secretary for Intelligence, DHS. He worked directly with diplomatic representatives of the Gulf States. He developed dialogue and relationships with foreign representatives to assist in the identification of radicalization of United States residents who might threaten the homeland. He also identified local civil agencies that might assist in the development of intelligence leads that would aid the national programs. This process generated Memorandums of Understanding between local and State agencies; and foreign States to cooperate in intelligence information sharing. To attain these goals, he coordinated and participated in both formal and informal discussions between the Secretary of DHS and the Ambassadors of the Arab League.

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